Re-enforce & Re-teach

Teachers must re-enforce and re-teach technique by always correcting and guiding their students every move.  Even, when rehearsing competition or recital routines.  Never allow any incorrect movements.  This reinforces with your students that you care and that you are on top of everything they do.  It takes energy, time and hard work by you, and your students.   But in the end, your students will love and respect the final results!

Confident Teaching

You as a dance teacher, must be totally comfortably and confident with your knowledge of technique and we must make a commitment to be more specific to detail and fine tuning of our young dancer’s technique and physical instrument! 

A Dancer's Instrument

Let us not forget that a dancer’s body is their instrument, and it is our job to nurture that instrument for as long as that student is training with us. To train and coach that instrument, we require certain “tools of the trade”.  Your greatest “tool of the trade” is ADAPT!

Dance Teacher's Obligation

We are dance teachers and we have an obligation to our clients, their children and ourselves.  A young child, studying dance has an untapped talent.  Whether, they are recreational or competitive. Remember, our future senior/competitive students usually begin dancing in a recreational class!  

Flexibility Development

A non-flexible student must work daily on developing more stretch and flexibility. Creating and introducing a basic “at home” stretching program that your students can do once or twice a day is only going to benefit them in the long term. You must also support building muscle strength along with stretching so that the amount of flexibility developed is supported with adequate strength to perform the skills required. Remember “stretch” plus “strength” is the road to a more flexible, technically strong dancer.