In Honour of our 40th Anniversary Year we have created ADAPT DAY!

Four workshop Days throughout the fall months, Help us to celebrate our 40years of ADAPTing by joining ADAPT Day 2020.

September 20th - Junior level 7-10yrs

October 25th - Pre-Intermediate level 11-13yrs

November 15th - Intermediate level 13-15yrs

December 13th - Senior level 15 & over

ADAPT Syllabus Refresher Course

Ryan Foley: Tap Today

Writing a “Tap Blog” is a difficult task to say the least. Where to start and what to focus on, I truly feel that I am not qualified to put my stamp on what Tap Dance is yet because I’m still learning each day what it is.

    I guess a good place to start is what I’m seeing today in the competitive world of Tap Dance. I would say that 90% of the tap dance I see on stage at the competitive level is not really where I wish it could be.

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