The Studio Environment

As we begin our 2015/2016 dance teaching season, it is so important to remember our students are a product of their environment. Quality technique must be supported with quality studio facilities.  Something as simple as empty waste bins, plenty of paper towels in the toilets, fresh, clean smelling dressing rooms and an efficient/organized looking reception desk all contribute to the overall dance experience success.  Clean mirrors, sanitized barres, quality sound systems and well maintained dance floors are all part of the dance studio environment.  A professionally run studio brings professional results.

Ryan Foley: Tap Today

Writing a “Tap Blog” is a difficult task to say the least. Where to start and what to focus on, I truly feel that I am not qualified to put my stamp on what Tap Dance is yet because I’m still learning each day what it is.

    I guess a good place to start is what I’m seeing today in the competitive world of Tap Dance. I would say that 90% of the tap dance I see on stage at the competitive level is not really where I wish it could be.

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