Victoria Sharp

Victoria started teaching dance right out of high school, and has taught for her own dance teacher Barb Jackman for over ten years. Victoria teaches many ages and all disciplines at Dance Images in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and trains students for their Tap and Jazz exams every year.

Victoria started her dance training in a small town of Saskatchewan, but moved to Moose Jaw, and trained at Dance Images for 14 years. At a young age Victoria became a studio helper, and soon one of the studio's main assistants. She continued her own training while going to University, and started to become part of many programs at the studio. She has trained many successful dancers in all levels, and choreographs many routines every year.

As a young teacher Victoria continues to educate herself in dance constantly. She has taken many conventions, and gone to classes all over Canada and the United States.

Victoria travels around Saskatchewan to teach in-studio workshops, promoting excellence in dance! She also makes time to teach students in the Moose Jaw schools. Victoria is very excited to be part of the amazing world of dance, and hopes to teach others to love and appreciate their dance education.

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